Alexandra Leila Salmon

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WPR: Wisconsin Life

Wisconsin Public Radio’s (WPR) “Wisconsin Life” is a show that celebrates what makes the state unique by telling stories about the people, places, history, and culture of Wisconsin. Alexandra Salmon has produced multiple segments for the show, including a piece about rethinking consumption while touring a landfill and how we choose to preserve the memory of a terminally ill loved one.

Preserving a memory: A meditation on home and memorial benches

Rethinking consumption at the Dane County Landfill

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Slate: Hi-Phi Nation

From Slate podcasts and host Barry Lam, Hi-Phi Nation is a show where philosophy and reality meet. It’s a show that begins with a story and seeks to extract big ideas, unquestioned assumptions, and unexamined conflicts in those stories. The episode “The Digital Future of Grief” is about reanimating the dead through AI and how it might change how we grieve. Episode coproduced by Alexandra Salmon.

BBC Short Cuts

BBC Radio 4: Short Cuts

In the episode “Memento Mori” for BBC Radio 4‘s program Short Cuts, host Josie Long presents short documentaries and adventures in sound which explore our mortality. For this episode, Alexandra Salmon produced a non-narrated audio documentary about grief and gardens, featuring the voice of Rebecca Finkel.

6 Months or Less

In the 23-episode series 6 Months or Less, creator and host Alexandra Salmon interviews people with a terminal illness about what it’s like to be dying. The conversations are raw, honest, philosophical, and full of love. She also talks with experts in the field of death and dying as well as her own family members who are grappling with their mortality.  

“Beautifully produced . . . a really fascinating idea, really sensitively executed.” –BBC Podcast Radio Hour

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Health Story Collaborative

Health Story Collaborative is a patient-centered, research-based organization that is committed to the therapeutic power of storytelling. By collecting and sharing stories about health and healing, HSC strives to create a space where story sharing is valued and honored within the healthcare system. Alexandra Salmon helped produce a non-narrated audio story featuring the voice of a patient who survived a lethal diagnosis and chose to give back.

On Surviving a Lethal Diagnosis and Giving Back

Sailing Nethermead

While on a yearlong sabbatical sailing trip, Alexandra Salmon documents her travels with her husband and two young children through short, immersive audio documentaries. The audio vignettes are place-based and are enhanced by looking at the photographs.